My Material Life


  1. Candace

    I learned to knit as an eight-year-old when I lived in England MANY decades ago. I learned to knit using needles, but for playground fun we used wooden thread spools with nails hammered in, for finer projects.

    • I’ve seen those; I have some old wooden spools that a friend gave me. Maybe I’ll make one and add it to my collection. Do you remember needing some kind of hook to move the loops of yarn on the nails?

      • Candace

        I don’t remember – honestly it was 50 years ago 😉 but I’m sure we must have used something, because even small fingers would have a hard time getting the loops over the nails.

  2. Pidgen

    I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve taught 7 and 8 year olds several times. I find that saying, “in, around, through, off” is the easiest way, because that’s what you are actually doing. {Instead of “rabbits, carrots, windows … that always confused me. lol.} I also have them do a “knit cast on” so that they are only adding one step when they start the actual knitting. Not sure if that’s helpful, but it’s exciting to see the fun projects you’re doing with the kids!! 🙂

    • Yes, we used the rhymes and I could never remember them, so I think those were the words I ended up using as well – great minds think alike. Good idea about the knit cast on too. Getting ready for a new class starting next week; going to rethink the cast on method based on your comment. Thanks for writing!

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