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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands

Because the Attack of the Knitting Nancys post I published last summer continues to generate so much interest, I feel compelled to offer some practical uses for the toilet paper roll knitting nancy. I’d been getting ideas and collecting a few different materials and then last week when I went into Anthropologie I saw this big upside down Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling of the store that I couldn’t really appreciate until I got a closer look and discovered that the wool garland on the tree appeared to be made with – what else – a knitting nancy!  What a brilliant idea. So simple. My young friend who was the recipient of one of those toilet paper roll knitters from last summer knit quite a long tube with hers. I don’t know what’s become of it, but here’s one way to put it to use.

The Upside Down Christmas Tree

I love paper chains as garlands, so I decided to make up a chain garland using knit tubes. This is a great way to use up leftover yarn and that’s exactly what I did. To make the chain, I knit tubes that extended about an inch below the bottom of my toilet paper roll. Each tube was approximately 5.5″ long. When I finished my last round on the knitter, I cut my yarn – leaving about a 6″ tail. I removed the loops from the popsicle sticks one at a time and threaded that tail through each loop.Then I pulled the loops on that tail up tight, pulled the tail up tight on the other end, brought the two ends together to form a ring, and tied a knot with both tails of yarn. I used a regular square knot and pulled very tight, as these knots can come undone. If you’re concerned about that, putting an extra twist in the first step of your square knot (surgeon’s knot, I believe) should make for a more secure knot. You can either knit all your tubes before you construct your chain or construct it as you go. Either way, remember that once you’ve formed your first ring, all other rings must be formed around the previous ring to make your chain. I clipped my yarn tails about 1/4″ from the knots and didn’t bother trying to hide them too much.

The golden garland is pretty, isn’t it? That’s just plain knitting on the toilet paper roll knitter. I found the cord at Jo-Ann’s. It’s Darice metallic cord for plastic canvas in beige/silver. It looks like jewelry when it’s knit. I have another project using this cord that I’ll show you soon. This kind of knitting is not just for kids. Yesterday I was sidelined by a bad cold, so I took to my bed with my knitting nancy and a cup of tea and I could still feel productive.

For additional information on how to knit with knitting nancys or how to make your own, click on the link at the top of this post.  You might also want to see Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2.




    • Hi Angela,
      You’ll find that information on my post, Attack of Knitting Nancys
      I think there is a link to it in this post too if the line above doesn’t work.
      Have fun!

  1. I love these! I made one for myself out of a piece of copper pipe and some nails, but the popsickle stick would be better for children I think. Plus I want an 8 stitch one now. I haven’t posted on my blog about them yet, but once I make one like this I will, and link back to you.

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