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Crochet Gummi Bear


I just happened to be browsing at free patterns on the Lion Brand website the other day when I found a crochet pattern for a gummi bear.  I knew I would have to make it immediately.  The pattern was designed by Twinkie Chan for the diminutive Lion Brand Bonbons, but I wanted a larger bear so I used the Lion Brand Hometown USA super bulky.  I didn’t have to buy it because I’ve been collecting it for reasons that are still not clear to me.  I do know that I’m attracted to the colors it comes in and also to its super bulkiness.  The truth is I have a sizable collection of Bonbons on hand as well because they’re cute and I like their colors too.  And I guess I’m just a sucker for Lion Brand; something about them just appeals to me.  Did you know that Milton Glaser designed their logo?  Isn’t that cool?  I learned that in a documentary about Glaser that I recorded on TV a couple of years ago called Milton Glaser: To Inform And Delight.  It was pretty good if you like that sort of thing (I do).  I would so love to go to New York City and visit the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to see their amazing window displays in person.  I think this one is from 2012.

Source: Lion Brand Yarns

Source: Lion Brand Yarns

But back to our crochet gummi bear.


My bear measures 7″ high, 4-1/2″ wide, and about 5″ deep.  I believe the Bonbon bear measures just over 2″ high.  The thing is you don’t need to change the pattern to scale up like this.  You just need to use the crochet hook size that is indicated on your yarn label, and you need to leave longer yarn tails where indicated for stuffing and sewing.  One skein of yarn was all I needed, but I used almost all of it.  It’s a simple pattern of just single crochet that comes together brilliantly.  Three very pleasant evenings for me – two to crochet and one to sew together.  Thank you Twinkie Chan and Lion Brand Yarns.

Crochet, embroidery – I wonder what’s next?  I do believe in gummi bears, I do believe in gummi bears …


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