My Material Life

Adventures With I-Cord


This is more of the 2-stitch variety (you can also see it used here).  It’s shown above as a replacement for the white cord that came with my American Apparel hooded sweatshirt that I purchased last Fall.  The yarn is something called 2nd Time Cotton by Knit One Crochet Too in beluga blue.  It’s an 8-ply yarn spun from recycled cotton from the apparel and textile industry – at 8-ply not necessarily a good choice for cord (more potential for snagging), but I love the way it looks with the denim-blue marled fabric of the sweatshirt.  Wouldn’t it be fun to use contrasting brights for a child’s sweatshirt?  The thing I love about this 2-stitch cord is it’s narrow circumference and pliability; it’s so versatile.  I just love the idea that I can make my own cord in any color I like.  After all, it’s the small things – right?

You can see a short video demonstration by Judy Graham of how to make i-cord here.  I discovered Ms. Graham’s videos while looking for some to recommend to the kids in my knitting class.  I like her videos because they are simple and clear with no distractions.  Judy Graham has been knitting since she was 13 years old.  After a move to Hollywood, she was invited by a friend to visit the set of a television show and the costume designer bought all the knit hats she brought with her.  She’s been knitting for TV and the movies ever since.  Remember that white turtleneck sweater that Diane Keaton wore in Something’s Gotta Give?  That was her work!  Actually, she had to make quite a few of those.


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