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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #4: Wreath Ornaments

Much like the lid handle, this idea came from experimentation. Knit a short length of different materials with your toilet paper roll knitter, and they will likely tell you what they want to become. Some turn out to be duds, but this one (knit from some leftover chenille-type yarn) turned out pretty well. Here’s another wreath below done up in pink wool. Wool works great for these; it forms a nice springy wreath.

These wreaths are made just like the chains in Idea #1. Knit about a 4-1/2″ length tube using the yarn of your choice and your toilet paper roll knitter. When you reach the desired length, cut your yarn leaving at least a 6″ tail. Thread that tail through each loop you remove from your sticks and pull it up tight. Pull the tail at the other end of your tube up tight as well and tie both tails together with a surgeon’s knot (this beading page has a good illustration) to form your wreath. Trim both ends.

Use about a 6″ length of ribbon to form a band around the top of your wreath. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon band.  This will serve as the anchor for your bow.

Slip a longer piece of ribbon through the non-knotted side of the ribbon band you just made and tie a bow.

Adjust your bow, trim your ends, and you are ready to use your ornament to decorate a gift or whatever you choose.

For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy, please use the following links:

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  2. I am sharing this fabulous post on my blog this Thursday (Treasure Chest Thursday) I have made 7 wreaths inspired by this post! Thank You!

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