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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #2: Lid Handle

I paid a visit to IKEA last week and found this sisal twine that I thought would be fun to try in the toilet paper roll knitting nancy. The sample that I knit above just seemed to scream “handle”, so that’s what it became. I’m pretty excited about this idea. It’s so easy, so useful, and it looks good too. Then there are all the material possibilities: real or faux leather or suede cord, twine, mason line – you name it. Now I just need to look for places where I need handles. Perhaps on either side of a storage box or even used as drawer pulls. Keep in mind that if you use only four evenly spaced craft sticks on your toilet paper roll knitter, your knitted tube will not be round, it will be square. The loops that you form on each stick will make the four corners of a square tube. That could make for an interesting handle, couldn’t it?

I attached this handle to an inexpensive round box made in the Philippines that I found at Michaels. I used my sewing awl to put holes in the box top and then I threaded the twine tails of my handle through them and tied knots in the tails on the inside of the box to secure the handle. If I get very ambitious I may cut out those little international Santa figures and decoupage them around the perimeter of the box. But I doubt I would have the patience for that unless I were sick in bed and I sure hope that doesn’t happen again between now and Christmas.

Those Santa pictures are from the packaging for a set of lunch sack size paper bags IKEA is selling now. They are very charming. The wrapping paper underneath is also from IKEA.

For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy and what to do with the tails, etc., please use the following links:

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    • Good question. I added some links to the bottom of the post that will take you to the other posts I’ve written about actually making and using the nancys. If you still have questions after taking a look at those, please let me know. Thanks – Colleen

  1. This is amazing! I recently started French knitting & I love it…then I saw this & I love it even more!
    Just updated my blog with my own homemade version & linked back to this post.
    Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea

    Charlieh x

    • You are very welcome, Charlieh. Just had a look at yours – love the colored pencils! Also your jewelry. Just bought some beautifully colored hemp cords – want to try the bracelets. Thanks for the link too –

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