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Not Your Preschooler’s Tissue Paper Candle Holders

To me, there is no more charming and magical decorative holiday accessory than the preschool tissue paper candle holder. I’m so happy to have two of them in our house, one from Samantha’s nursery school days and one from kindergarten. The tissue paper candle holders pictured above are a more grown-up version. Some (most probably) of the charm and magic has been replaced with a bit of sophistication.

I took these as a hostess gift to Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe hosted by my sister and brother-in-law.  I spent about $1.49 plus tax on them because all I needed to buy were the clear glass candle holders that I found at Ikea.  The idea to make these came from the beautiful golden tissue paper that was wrapped around two taper candles that I purchased from Z Gallerie last month.  The  sheen, the color, the printing!  The paper was just too pretty not to reuse somehow.

I trimmed little rectangular pieces from that paper and some russett colored tissue paper I’d saved from a previous Anthropologie purchase to glue to my clear candle holders.  I diluted some white glue with a little bit of water and used a paint brush to apply the glue solution to one portion of the glass at a time.  I laid my tissue paper rectangles on the glued portion of glass, making sure that I used straight edges along the lower and upper edges of the candle holder.  You work around the whole piece like that and then use the same glue and water solution to coat the entire candle holder.  You can let the holder dry and give it several coats (let dry between each) if you like.  I planned to do that myself, but I ran out of time.  If you prefer to use torn pieces of paper, be sure to give some of them a straight edge to use on the top and bottom edges of your candle holder.

Add tea lights and you’re done.

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