My Material Life

Cardboard Cabin

mml cardboard cabin camper

This was meant as a prototype, but it’s a worthy idea in its own right if you ask me. Certainly an easy way to construct a woodsy getaway for your dolls (or your miniatures if you prefer).

mml cardboard cabin

It’s constructed from three pieces of cardboard that each measure 15″ x 9.5″. I cut a window into one piece and taped that piece to another piece to form the “A”. I left the bottom piece unattached and covered it with a piece of expensive wool mohair left over from some Christmas stocking making.


The fireplace wall, chairs, and sofa come from a nifty little paper dollhouse collection I got for Samantha a few Christmases ago (sadly no longer available, but you can see it here). One table is a plastic piece from a pizza box with a Playmobil plant on top of it and the other is a wood block with a miniature knitting bowl on top that I found at Michaels. I made the throw and pillow. Let’s have a peek inside that window, shall we?

mml cardboard cabin window

Couldn’t you picture the A-frame here?

mml silver lake

This is Silver Lake in the eastern Sierras. We had a picnic there last week while visiting my sister. Great spot for dreaming of A-frames and sailboats. Can I show you another summery picture unrelated to cabins and lakes?


These are bicycles on a campus of a certain Silicon Valley company that seems to be taking over much of the area – at least they are doing so in a colorful way. I was invited there yesterday to play mahjong, but not in any official capacity of course. But yes, I am learning to play mahjong!


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