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Salts, Scrubs, Sprays

We’ve been having fun with essential oils, epsom salts and distilled water this week. First Samantha made a room spray with some distilled water and a few drops of lavender and lemon essential oils, then I made two kinds of bath salts using lavender, frankincense, lemon and rosemary (recipes at end of post), and Samantha made a lavender/lemon salt scrub tinted with a drop of yellow food coloring as a gift for a friend.


It’s a happy fact that with a few essential oils and some other simple ingredients, the aroma world is your oyster. Think of the possibilities … your own signature scent, your own spa line!

We were inspired by a trip we took to British Columbia last week and in particular, by our stay at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel near Victoria on Vancouver Island. It was a bit of heaven. We would walk by lavender and rosemary and the lovely scented spa with each visit to the mineral pool (more like a very large bathtub). I’ve been reading an Angela Thirkell novel where one of the characters describes just about anything good as delicious. Well that’s a perfect adjective for this pool – it really was delicious. But those spa scents stayed with me and I knew they’d be a way to try to keep the memory of this trip alive.

The specific idea for how to do that came to me from the Le Marché St. George blog. Le Marché St. George is a small shop and eatery in a residential neighborhood in Vancouver. You can see it underneath the lavender and rosemary shot in the second gallery up. I took my husband and Samantha there last week because I’d seen a spread in the December 2013 issue of House & Home magazine (Canadian) of the owner’s home and the shop and I loved every image, every vignette. But what to buy there? It was hot and I didn’t dawdle because we were all tired. Then I saw a mason jar filled with popcorn. Canadian popcorn?! I asked the gals at the counter if they knew where it came from and they chuckled and said they didn’t. They said they just had this big bag of popcorn, so they decided to put it in jars and sell it. Only after I got home did I go on their blog and see that one of the employees makes and sells bath salts at the shop. That would have been perfect! But in my hurry I did not notice them. Still, I got my possibly Canadian popcorn and a great idea for something to make myself and that’s good enough for me.

Lavender, Frankincense & Rosemary Bath Salts (delicious and soothing and a tad sophisticated)

Mix 5 drops frankincense, 9 drops lavender and 2 drops rosemary essential oils in 1.5 tablespoons glycerin or carrier oil (like a jojoba or almond oil). Combine with 2 cups epsom salts.

Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary Bath Salts (lively and citrusy)

Mix 4 drops lemon, 5 drops lavender and 1 drop rosemary essential oils in a jar with 2 cups epsom salts.

Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary Salt Scrub

Mix 3 drops lemon, 9 drops lavender and 1 drop rosemary essential oils in 3 T glycerin or carrier oil. Mix with 1 cup epsom salts and 1 drop food coloring (optional).

Notes:  These recipes of ours were inspired by articles from my aromatherapy clipping file. Use anywhere from a handful to two cups of the bath salts in the bath after you’ve run your water. I purchased the epsom salts, essential oils, glycerin, and even the blue spray bottle at my local Sprouts market, a great resource for natural beauty and body products. Interested in learning more about making your own scents? I enjoy reading Mandy Aftel and just picked up her latest book at the library, Fragrant – The Secret Life Of Scent.

mml salt scrub

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