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Crochet a Granny Square Ball


When I first discovered this ball (here and here), I was so surprised to see that you could construct a sphere from squares.  Just six are all you need – two for the top and bottom and four joined side-to-side between them.  I was already familiar with soccer balls made from crocheted pentagons or hexagons (check out the beauty here), but using only six squares seemed remarkable (and much more doable) to me.

These squares are crocheted (two rounds only) using a granny square method from an excellent November 2000 Martha Stewart Living article that I’d clipped.  You’ll find the online version here.  Because granny squares have open spaces, I used squares of cotton knit fabric to line each crocheted square by stitching the fabric and crocheted squares together with a needle and thread and long running stitches.  Then I trimmed the edges of the knit fabric squares roughly even with their corresponding crocheted squares and stitched them together (leaving one seam open for stuffing) using the same yarn I used to crochet the squares, a ball of Be Sweet Bambino Taffy in Candy Sprinkles.  This is an organically grown cotton and bamboo yarn from South Africa.  All the colors you see here were tied together in one ball of yarn.  I had to cut the yarn and join the colors where I wanted to join them, so you could do the same thing with any combination of yarns.  I experimented with a lot of different yarns before I decided on this one.  Something about it made for really nice granny squares.

Just don’t give the ball to a baby.  I made this one for my niece Cait’s baby, Ava.  I had forgotten that babies have teeth and of course the first thing Ava did was put the ball in her mouth and get it caught on one.  Maybe I’ll make a larger one for the family room some day.  But the next crochet ball I’ll show you is another small one made in a different material with squares that don’t have open spaces, eliminating the need for lining … I hope.



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