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The Holy Grail of Happy Meal Toys

Before there was American Girl there was (and still is) Madame Alexander. And I’m happy to report that the Madame is back at McDonald’s with a collection of storybook characters including Hansel and Gretel (shown above). I don’t think I ever had a Madame Alexander doll myself, but I certainly recall the dolls and their high quality from my childhood. I’ll never forget the one my sister had. She was a dark blonde with a broken leg and crutches and she wore a pink peignoir – a tragic figure to my young mind.

There is a movement among our county supervisors to outlaw Happy Meal toys, so enjoy them while they’re still legal (the idea!) And did you know, you don’t have to buy a Happy Meal to buy the toy. They’ll sell you the toys for $1 and some-odd cents. For some reason, I feel a little guilty when I just buy toys so I might buy a regular iced coffee (which is really deliciously sweet and creamy even though I usually don’t like sugar in my drinks) and I’ll visit in between meal times when they aren’t too busy and are more likely to look a little harder and see which toys they have.


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  1. My favorite Aunt collected dolls and she had some Madame Alexander dolls which were beautiful. I wonder what happened to them.
    Madame Alexander and McDonalds….who would of thought!

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