My Material Life

Going Walletless

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two of my old buddies from Martino’s at our favorite Los Gatos pastry shop, Fleur de Cocoa. We used to work right down the street – weren’t we lucky?! Anyway, at some point we got to talking about how we really don’t like wallets. Now one of my fond memories of both these gals is how they both independently brought me very cool change purses when they discovered that I kept my change in a plastic sandwich bag. Isn’t it wonderful when friends come to your rescue like that?

I stopped using a wallet years ago. The credit card holder and binder ring for membership cards, stamp cards, etc. (shown in photo above) made it pretty easy. Everything that used to go in the wallet now goes in an interior pocket of my bag. The credit card holder is by Tumi; it came from a luggage shop. The binder ring for all the other cards is a brilliant idea that came from one of Martha’s magazines. People in the shops and businesses I visit love the binder ring thing! They even remember me by it (sadly not by my charm or my good looks). Try it. People will think you are so clever and you’ll actually be able to use those cards because you’ll be able to find them! A hole punch and a binder ring (small size) are all you need.

And most happily, I learned that one of these friends* is expecting a baby – this winter! Which means I’ll need to get busy knitting. What do you think of this blanket over at The Purl Bee?

*This is actually the same friend I knit the gartini for that I showed on this post here.


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