My Material Life

Needlepoint Thongs (for Your Feet!)

I saw these in a shop window earlier in the summer and fell head-over-heels in love with them. This very same pair. They’re still in the shop and belong to the owner. I have to make my own. Well, I have to stitch the canvas uppers anyway. This is what my pair looks like so far:

That’s the hand-painted canvas I purchased today. Next I’ll have to purchase my floss and a stretcher, learn how to do needlepoint, do the needlepoint(!), go back to the shop for a fitting, have the shoes sent off to Voila for finishing and eventually they’ll send back my new thongs. I’m shooting for late next spring. These will not only be the most expensive pair of flip-flops I’ve ever owned, but my most expensive pair of shoes period! I’d tell you how much they’ll cost, but my husband reads this blog now and then, so I’d better not say. Luckily, this needs to be done in stages, so it doesn’t seem quite so painful. You know the more I write about this, the less sense it makes – it must be love.

I have to tell you that I found these at Exclamation Point on Big Basin Way in Saratoga. Did you even know that there was a needlepoint shop in Saratoga? It’s well-hidden back by the Florentine Restaurant. I’ve known the shop for years and have purchased embroidery floss there before and really just enjoyed all of the wonderful colors hanging on the walls, but needlepoint never grabbed me until I saw these thongs. Dee is the delightful owner. Do stop in and take a look next time you are on Big Basin. The canvases may give you sticker shock, but you have to keep in mind that many of them are hand-painted. And if you’d like to see more of needlepoint as fashion accessory, check the Voila (design and finishing company) website. The site is a little confusing, but try to find the pointed toe Pucci mule on one of the “what’s new” pages – fantastic!



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