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Sock Smitten


Believe me, knitting socks was the last thing on my mind when one of my knitting friends called and “suggested” I take a sock class with her at Yarndogs. They just seem so small and tedious and you have to start right over and make the same exact thing once you finish the first sock and you know, I can buy socks that I’m perfectly happy with. But I can’t tell you how glad I am that I let her talk me into it because to think that I am actually making this sock just makes me giddy.  It’s knit on a small circular needle as opposed to double-pointed needles which is a big plus for me. And that yarn! I couldn’t love it more – those colors, the effortless striping, those flecks of white! I can’t wait to actually wear these when it gets cool again. And they are really fun to knit. A bit addictive even.

Have you been to Yarndogs in Los Gatos? It’s a great shop. Very good selection of yarns, books, patterns and such a friendly and helpful staff. Oh and dogs of course. There are two now. Otis has been joined by Pearl (or is it Purl?) and she’s a sweetie. At my last class session I asked the owner, Deborah, how she came to open the shop. After I left that got me reflecting on the role Deborah and her shop have played in the evolution of my knitting – a big one! I remember when she first opened Yarndogs in another Los Gatos location and she helped me choose the yarn for a sweater for my then toddler (only the second garment I had ever knit). Later when a favorite aunt who was an avid knitter, Maryrose, decided not to fight a second bout of melanoma at the age of eighty, it was Deborah who suggested a project I could knit for her. She also recommended the wonderful Berroco Comfort yarn I used to knit a throw for my mother-in-law the Christmas before she died. Maryrose never got her shawl, but she saw it in progress and I can’t help but think she was glad that I was becoming a knitter too. My mother-in-law had her throw for a few months and while I wish she’d been able to use it a bit longer, I’m at least glad it ended up back with me because I love it! You can count on Deborah and her recommendations. It’s always so refreshing to find someone who seems to be doing exactly what she should be doing. And by-the-way that sock yarn is a Berroco Comfort as well – in sock weight.


The Sweater


Maryrose’s Shawl – Repurposed


Darlene’s Throw


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