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7 Free Blanket Patterns For A Good Month To Start One

Well I’d love for you to at least think about knitting or crocheting a blanket this month. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the many ways knitting is good for your health. Even Jane Brody says so and I know how much you like Jane Brody because her lentil soup recipe that I posted here years ago is the seventh most popular on the blog still. Well you can’t argue with Jane Brody can you? Or maybe you’re not that concerned about your health. How about a new project though? Something to help you break out of a mid-January funk? Something that feels good in your hands, helps quiet the noise of the modern world and provides comfort and warmth as you create it? If that sounds good then stick around.

After I discovered the yarn shown above in the blanket that I knit this time last year at my local Michaels, I found a number of other very attractive free blanket patterns when I went to learn more about the yarn online. We’ll take a look at them in a minute, but let me tell you about the blanket above first. It’s attractive, isn’t it? Would you believe I knit this blanket for a dog? I started knitting it for a cat, but I couldn’t finish it in time for dear old Stumpy to make use of it so I finished it for Stella. If I hadn’t found the yarn (and the pattern that came with it that totally sold me on knitting a blanket for a pet) well, I never would have considered knitting a blanket for either Stella or Stumpy. But Stella sleeps in this thing every night. It’s so useful, has held up so well and looks so good that it’s one of my favorite household objects. Plus, you know, I made it myself! And it was so helpful to have something to pick up and work on in those early evenings of 2019 when I was missing Stumpy.

You can find the pattern for this cabled blanket here on the Yarnspirations website which is the source for all of the blanket images and patterns below (with the exception of the next image). You certainly don’t have to limit this pattern to pet use though. You could choose another yarn and make it as a lap throw or make it bigger, maybe with fewer twists in the cables …maybe no twists, just alternating between columns of purl stitches and knit stitches like this blanket from Serena and Lily. I love this idea. I would totally make it up in a Blue Sky Fibers Organic Worsted Cotton. That is, if I weren’t worried that a little dog who thinks that every comfort item in the house is hers for the taking would mess with my investment in time and yarn.

All but the first pattern below are for crochet. Do you crochet? It’s different than knitting, but similar. Crochet feels a little freer and a little faster than knitting to me. It’s not difficult to pick up if you’re used to knitting. It’s all about pulling loops through loops after all. But let’s get to the patterns. The links (from both the photos and the blanket titles) will take you to a Yarnspirations page that lists the items for a kit to complete the blankets. Please note that you don’t need to purchase a kit to download the free patterns. Just click on the buttons that say “download free pattern” and a new window will open with the pattern.

Here we have the Bernat Woven Look (Knit) Blanket. That stool makes for an attractive photo, but it is hard to see the stitch pattern here. Never fear, if you download the pattern you will be able to see it in a different photo. Very good looking and “beginner” level. I like the simplicity of one color and easy stitches. Simplicity and ease are good things for January, but unfortunately that simplicity and ease will cost you. It’s the most expensive project of the seven.


This is the Bernat Lumberjack Crochet Throw. Designed by Canadian designer Erin Black, you can read about it on her blog here. Scroll down on the Yarnspirations page for a video tutorial.


Because pinstripes are classic (even though I would hardly call them pinstripes at this scale), the Bernat Pinstripe Crochet Blanket. This one also has a video tutorial.


This is just fun, the Bernat Rectangle Granny Afghan. Isn’t it interesting how the rectangles become sort of less rectangular and more square as they move to the outer edge? But I see three colors in this photo and I notice only two listed on its Yarnspirations page, so be careful about that if you are interested in the kit.


This is the Bernat Sawtooth Afghan, Version 1. So simple, so attractive.


This last one is not simple, but it makes my heart race. I wonder if I could finish it in time to send to my godmother for Valentine’s  Day. The skill level is “easy” and it would only cost about $30 in materials. It’s called the Caron Race To Finish Crochet Lapghan. The colors! The patterns! The texture! The stripes! And that tag (which I’m sure is not included). This is not the direction I was looking to go in at all for my next blanket, but I think this is the one for me.

Here’s to lovely new projects for you in 2020!


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