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The Nutcracker Mobile

It seemed a good idea to make another mobile this season, one based on The Nutcracker Ballet this time.

It’s just fun to make a mobile. This one follows the same construction as the last one I showed you, but instead of tracing around a template to transfer my shapes to cardstock, I traced my shapes on tracing paper, placed my tracing paper on top of the cardstock, and went over the outline of the shapes with a blunt-end pencil lead to create an indentaion on the cardstock that served as my cutting line. And I used a pair of scissors meant for fine cuts to cut the shapes out. No messing around with an X-Acto knife this time. Where did the shapes come from? One day at Michaels while waiting in line I spied this card-making magazine from England that came with a set of Nutcracker stamps and papers. The magazine wasn’t my cup of tea, but this set had just the shapes I’d been dreaming of. I blew the shapes up on my copy machine until they were about 4 inches high. Really, you can find shapes for mobiles all over the place.

I used the same layout as in my first mobile. The spool shape on top is something I cut out to hold a long length of thread for hanging. This gives you more flexibility for displaying your mobile. Just cut the excess when you find the length you need. The mobile is so lightweight that all it requires is a piece of tape to attach it to the ceiling. Oh and I used gold wire for the hangers this time – festive!

I didn’t think I needed a nutcracker mobile for myself so I gave this one to my ballet teacher. This plastic sleeve from my local Japanese bookstore makes for a nice presentation and storage case. I have to show you the little card inside that envelope.

I don’t know if you can see it, but the fold of the card is lined in gold. Have you ever heard of Paula Skene? I just discovered her cards last year. They are exquisite.

Eventually I decided that I did need my own Nutcracker mobile. Here it is in flight.

Mobiles are mesmerizing.

For directions to make your own mobile, please click here.


  1. Jo Ann

    Love your mobile…captures the Nutcracker and the Season. Sending wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Joy and happiness. Love, Jo Ann

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