My Material Life

Saturday in Golden Gate Park

Hello Again Dear Chickadees,

I celebrated yet another birthday recently and ready to leave that last year happily in the past I decided I’d like to welcome this next one with a float on a boat. And so, guided by the excellent suggestions in interior designer Floriana Petersen’s book 111 Places In San Francisco That You Must Not Miss, we headed to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco yesterday to do some exploring and enjoy some boating.

Once happily settled in the back of our pedal boat (no pedaling for me, hooray!), I pulled out my trusty camera phone and started snapping away. Somehow I must have brought up the screen that shows all the different effects you can get with the camera’s built-in filters and I decided to actually play with them; they just seemed so right out there on the water. Later I realized that the appeal of the resulting photos (only one shot in real-life mode) comes from their likeness to those old-timey postcards that were hand-colored. Do you know the ones I mean?


The Boathouse at Stow Lake


Duck and Goose Parade, Stow Lake

mml-tea-gardenJapanese Tea Garden

mml-tea-garden-pagodaJapanese Tea Garden

mml-spreckles-lakeModel Sailboats on Spreckels Lake

mml-view-of-cliff-houseView of Cliff House from Beach Chalet


The Dutch Windmill


    • Thank you so much Salty 🙂 Yes, I have been missing from the blogoshpere, but I hope to get back more regularly soon. I did see your denim bags and they were awesome as usual and they inspired me to hang on to some old jeans for some future saltymom-inspired denim patchwork project. Great to hear from you – thanks again 🙂

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