My Material Life

Madam Marabou

As I was lying in bed the other night the following words suddenly appeared in my brain …

Madam Marabou wore one yellow shoe.

Isn’t that the oddest thing? In the midst of my middle of the night worrying, scheming, planning … Madam Marabou … and a yellow shoe. Where do you think these things come from? I have an idea. Did you ever see the movie, Always? Always is a Steven Spielberg remake of a 1940s movie called A Guy Named Joe that starred the lovely Irene Dunne. In the movie there is a young pilot who receives flying guidance from another pilot who happens to be dead. It’s a wonderful movie. Why people don’t make those kinds of romantic fantasy movies anymore I don’t know. I still love a good romantic fantasy, don’t you?

You know who else loves a good romantic fantasy? The sidewalk chalk fairy. I passed that Madam Marabou line to her and you can see what she did with it in the photo gallery above.

I think I know just who planted those words in my brain (and it wasn’t the sidewalk chalk fairy).


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