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Les Pompoms Earrings

IMG_8449Soon after I made my wool pom-poms that you can see in my recent post, The Posh Pom-Pom, I ran across this bit in Town & Country magazine on an earring by Rebecca de Ravenal called Les Bonbons. The structure of the earrings was so similar to what I tried to do with my various sizes of wool pom-poms, jump rings and chain. But I’d been thinking of some kind of hanging decoration for a room. Could I miniaturize my pom-poms and use the same jump ring and chain technique to create an earring?


Of course I could! I give you Les Pompoms …

mml pom-pom ear

While it is unlikely Les Pompoms will ever appear on the pages of Town & Country, the use of 100% silk needlepoint thread makes these a bit more luxe than your average pom-pom. But they don’t fill out quite as well as a wool or wool blend one would. I used the tiny mouse from my Hand Made Modern set to create the poms and a small pair of scissors to trim all four to size. I trimmed the blue poms more than the seafoam ones to make them smaller. You can do some of the trimming after you chain your poms together. To link your poms, attach a jump ring to the thread that’s tied around your pom center and attach your chain to that. Use another jump ring to attach the top of the chain on the upper pom to an ear wire.

mml pom-pom earring

Here we were playing with a couple of poms from The Posh Pom-Pom post. What about adding a chain tassel or dangling one single large pom from a chain? So many possibilities.

Note: The thread we used is Vineyard Silk Classic from Old World Designs in Menlo Park. If you’re in the area be sure to visit. They have a beautiful selection of threads (seed beads too).


  1. Like the color combo, esp the cream with the gold chains 🙂 I’ve seen those crocheted spheres on sale here in Bangkok. I was wondering what they were for. Now I know !

    • I’d like to see those spheres – they sound fun. By the way, have you seen the crochet work of Molla Mills? I think she’s from Finland. Got her book from the library called Modern Crochet. I love how she crochets around things like the wire on a lampshade frame. I have a few things I want to try crochet around! Plus she had those awesome crochet chains in her book 🙂

      • I’ll see if they’ll let me take a photo. I googled Molla Mills up n wow, lots of crochet ideas there! Another cool link! I have a chicken made of wire, maybe this may be the project for it 😊

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