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The Posh Pom-Pom


I have such a fondness for pom-pom making tools that when I found this unusual wooden animal set from Todd Oldham’s Hand Made Modern line sold at Target, I jumped on it. This was months ago actually. I’m just now getting around to playing with it. But don’t worry, the set is still available from Target as I type this.

Each animal allows you to make a different sized pom-pom, ranging from approximately 1″ to 5″ in diameter. What you do first is simply wind your yarn around both legs of the animals. You have to gauge on your own how much winding is enough. As you can see from the group pom-pom photo above, your pom-poms will be fuller or more scraggly depending on how much winding you do. I would call that large pom-pom a scraggly one (not that there’s anything wrong with scraggly if that’s what you like). I could have used a whole ball of yarn on it, but I stopped short. When you think you’ve wound enough yarn, take another piece of yarn and tie it tight around the middle and knot it. Then slip your yarn off the animals’ legs and cut through the center of the loops on each side. Give it a fluff and a trim and you’re done.


Before I got around to using my new set I thought I would string the various pom-poms together, probably after dying them in Kool-Aid so each consecutive pom-pom was a little darker. That would be cool and I still might have to try it, but I decided that no color would work best for my house. The remaining question was how to string the pom-poms together. You’ve heard that phrase, there’s no there there, haven’t you? Well that pretty much sums up the center of a pom-pom. There really isn’t a center, nothing to string through anyway – you have to remember that a pom-pom is really just a bunch of pieces of yarn held together quite casually by another piece of yarn tied around it. But somehow I thought of jump rings and chain. I thought a gold chain would look nice with the warm natural wool and that if I attached a jump ring to the yarn tied around the pom-pom center (if you can call it a center) I could attach the chain to that and I’d be in business. So I did and I left a bit of chain showing between each pom-pom and though it turned out to be an effective way to join pom-poms together … it just didn’t thrill me.

Now the chain tassel I made to hang off the bottom pom-pom, that did thrill me. I cut multiple lengths of chain (with a jewelry wire cutter and protective eye covering because that chain really flies when you cut it) and placed them all on a single jump ring. That’s all you need to do to make a chain tassel. You can purchase caps for the top, but I prefer the cleaner look without a cap. I decided to use just one 2″ pom-pom with the tassel and that looks very posh indeed photographed in front of a Farrow & Ball wallpaper sample (Vermicelli). What I’ll do with it now I have no idea, but that doesn’t lessen my excitement for it. There is something about a hanging ball, an orb, a sphere that is hard to resist.

Source: One Kings Lane

Source: One Kings Lane

These feather-covered lanterns look like giant pom-poms, don’t they? I found this photo of the Coco Lounge in Accra, Ghana from T Magazine via One Kings Lane. So cool. I love the color of those lanterns.

Finally, if you like the idea of a wooden pom-pom tool there is a another new one on the market that you can see by clicking here.


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