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Salty*mom’s Genius Granny Square Bag

Source: Salty*mom

Source: Salty*mom

When I saw this bag it made me so happy that I wanted to share it with you here. There is something so special about it, don’t you agree? Of course there are those cheery colors in a free fall sort of arrangement, but there’s something else. I didn’t realize what it was until I read how its creator put the bag together. Rather than joining those squares (all 172 of them!) with a line of single crochet that would show on the right side, she put the squares right side together before joining them which means that the crochet join shows on the back, not the front. That’s the genius of this bag if you ask me. It’s what makes it look so modern. I’d love to see it done up in neutrals too. You could take it anywhere. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and hear all the compliments its owner will get from people when she wears it. (If I were one of them I’d be like, Oh my goodness where did you get that bag?! Please tell me that you made it!!!) Oh, and the funny thing is, she didn’t even plan to turn those squares into a bag when she crocheted them!

She is Wendy from the Salty*mom blog, a favorite WordPress blog that I’ve been following for several years now. I remember the first project I’d seen of hers that got me hooked and made me feel like here was another crafter after my own heart. It was her version of a coat rack and table combo made from an IKEA stool that sadly, I’m not sure IKEA sells anymore. I love how Wendy (or Salty as I’ve come to think of her) sews and crochets and works with all kinds of materials in a cool and modern way. Look at these plaster of Paris letters …

Source: Salty*mom

Source: Salty*mom

See what I mean?

Source: Salty*mom

Source: Salty*mom

I really want to make one of these bucket bags some day. And thanks to Salty (I mean Wendy), I’ll know how.

Source: Salty*mom

Source: Salty*mom

No, this is not a golf club bag. It’s an alphorn bag that Wendy made for a friend. While you and I may never have the need to stitch an alphorn bag, we can certainly take inspiration from the way she’s pieced those bits of jeans together, can’t we? And that little square of red! How much do I love that little red patch. That’s the kind of design detail that really makes a project sing.

To find information/tutorials (and sometimes cool videos) for any of these projects, just click on the photo. Many thanks to Wendy for letting me share her work here. Please enjoy exploring the Salty*mom blog 🙂


  1. Wow, many thanks to you for taking the time to write this lovely post! I’ve never been featured before and I’m so glad there is someone out there who likes the stuffs I make 🙂

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