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Source: One Kings Lane

You know that feeling you get now and then when even though you have a closet full of clothes it seems like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Like you’ve somehow failed to keep your wardrobe up to par? Well I feel that way now, with my wardrobe certainly, but also with my house. How is it that we’ve been in our house for sixteen years and I’ve never seen fit to change out so much of what was left in sub par shape by our house’s previous owners – sixteen years ago! Was it just not a priority or could it be some deep-seated character flaw that keeps me from tackling these issues? Perhaps something my parents failed to provide (no offense mom and dad, wherever your are!) Or maybe it’s my birth order or the fact that I married someone with the same birth order?

No matter, the thing is some dark marks have appeared on our bathroom floor that do not respond to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This leads me to believe these marks may be coming from below the floor. That’s not something I like to think about, but sometimes life’s little unpleasantries are just what we need to jolt us into action. Are you still with me?  I’m about to get to the point of this blog post, I promise.

So thinking that this may be the time to get in a mini bathroom remodel I went online to look at a bathroom project I’d seen featured on One Kings Lane – that’s it pictured above. I’ve been getting the One Kings Lane emails for years; I’ve never wanted to unsubscribe because I love their mix of goods and the way they put things together. Their interiors photos are so inspiring to me.

But back to the bathroom project. One Kings Lane also publishes makeovers and diys on their site. And time and time again I find that my favorites are done by an editor of theirs whose name is Megan Pflug. She makes me think I really could tackle some of my house issues, like my hall closet. I’m sorry to say it is still exactly how its previous owners left it, ugly contact paper and all. But just look at the photo below.


Source: One Kings Lane

This closet gave me heart palpitations when I first saw it a few weeks ago. It’s so beautiful, it’s like a dream isn’t it? That wallpaper, those blue shelves, that nailhead trim! This is the kind of thing you’ll find in a Megan Pflug project. Exceptional design that she shows you how to recreate yourself in the simplest way possible. And not just that, she also shares her sources. I guess that’s not so unusual these days, but it doesn’t seem like that long ago that the interior design field was not at all transparent, and most designers seemed to prefer it that way. It still surprises me that young designers like Emily Henderson and Ms. Pflug are so generous with the information they share. I certainly appreciate it – I’d so love to use that wallpaper for my hall closet, as well as those linoleum tiles for my bathroom. Now I know where to find both.

Source: One Kings Lane

Source: One Kings Lane

Here is a gorgeous, no major remodel kitchen. Such an unexpected color. The designer was inspired by another kitchen she’d seen and she shares a photo of it in her article. I like to see people credit their inspiration like that, don’t you? See the light fixture reflected in the mirror?

Source: One Kings Lane

Source: One Kings Lane

Click on the photo above to find the directions to make it, along with a parts list and suppliers. I’m telling you, this girl is good!

I’ll leave you with two fabric decoupage furniture projects from Ms. Pflug, both from the same article. Oh my goodness – malachite fabric from Spoonflower and marble fabric from a company called Stonehenge? Who knew? Clicking on any of the photos shown here will take you to the article for each project in the One Kings Lane Style Guide. You can also learn more about Megan Pflug on her own website, here. Enjoy.


Source: One Kings Lane

Source: One Kings Lane

Source: One Kings Lane


  1. wow!! the images are really inspiring!! and i totally hear you.. we all like to bury our head in sand!! 😀 I recently got off to a start with my daughters room makeover! colorblock feature wall to be revealed soon.. and I absollutely love those DIYs you posted and the kitchen.. you sure can do!! give it a go!!

  2. I’m liking this Megan Pflug style , the way she mixes colors and textures. The projects seem very DIY-able too , I’m totally sold that I can make those projects !

    • I’m so glad; you should look at her blog and see her backyard – it’s amazing! And there’s another project of hers I think you’d like on OKL – some white stenciling on a grey painted floor – looks like a runner (rug). A great photo of it too. It’s just a cool, modern project that reminds me of the kinds of things you do 🙂

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