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Pastel Bunny Update/Good News for Liberty Lovers

IMG_6800I know that Easter has come and gone, but it’s still so early in April that I’m just not done with bunnies yet. Here I’ve revisited a project from a couple of years ago (click to see how it’s done) by creating a standing bunny. I intended for this one to be grey with colorful silk ribbon embroidery. But my printer had other ideas (the heads needed cleaning) and this bunny came out pink. Well who can argue with a pink bunny?

To make the bunny stand on her own, I kept her bottom edges straight. Then I cut a fabric oval that I hand-stitched in place after she was stuffed.

Ribbon embroidery is so lovely and quite easy to do. And you can get a lot of coverage from just a few simple stitches. Those flowers around bunny’s neck were created by bringing up threaded ribbon in the center of the flower, bringing it back down a short distance away to create the first petal, then bringing it back up in the center and repeating those steps to create the other petals. I made a French knot in the center of each flower with regular embroidery floss (but look what you can do with silk ribbon French knots here). I found the book, Ribbon Embroidery, by Natalie Bellanger-Clemént at Britex in San Francisco a few years ago. I highly recommend both the book and a trip up to Britex’s third floor to scout their book and magazine collection. It’s not big, but I’ve found some great resources there, things I’ve never seen anywhere else.

I like using Liberty prints as backing for these bunnies and this time was no exception. I was originally going to make my husband a tie out of this one. I still haven’t gotten around to that, but it would make a really nice tie. You can purchase Liberty prints online of course, but if you’re in the San Francisco area, Britex is the place to find them.

Now about that good news for Liberty lovers … well, for starters I found this book, The Liberty Book of Home Sewing, at the library recently. It’s not just another home sewing book; sure, some of the projects you’ve seen before, but you’ll also find originality and fabulousness. Like the bag and the lampshade projects from the book shown above. Do keep your eyes open for it.

Now I love the library and I was so excited to find that book there. But you know what else I love? Finding something I want to watch on TV. And a couple of weeks ago I discovered a Liberty of London series on Acorn TV! That’s right, a show that takes you behind the scenes of the store mostly, but gives you a peek at textile design as well. I am only sad that I’ve seen both seasons of the show now and I wish I could see more because I still have questions. Has Ed’s leadership helped turned the tide of Liberty’s fortunes? Will Judy be able to get those changes implemented for the staff lunch room? What will become of that young man in sales and that cape-like invention of his? If you are a Liberty fan and you haven’t heard about this, be happy that it is all still ahead of you. I think you might even be able to watch it here.


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