My Material Life

Plastic Bunny Makeover

I had some grand ideas about Easter crafts, but with Easter in March especially, one tends to run short of time. I thought I might need a golden bunny to go inside a special egg that I never did get around to trying to make. But my quest for the golden bunny did lead me to these hares from Wild Safari that I found at Michaels. They wouldn’t have worked at all for my original idea, but their size and shape struck me as ideal for place card holders.

And of course, for photos – particularly those little instant ones from the instax mini 8. To begin the makeover for my plastic hares I primed them with a water-based primer I had in the garage for use on the walls. I’ve painted plastic figures before and had mixed results when I didn’t use any kind of primer. I used a Krylon spray paint (ballet slipper in glossy finish) for the pink bunnies and a gold leaf kit I already had for the golden bunnies. I planned to use my liquid gold leaf that I used for my redwood cones at Christmastime, but it had taken on a coppery hue and what’s more I couldn’t even get the jar open. I’d recommend metallic paint or liquid leaf for you, but I wanted to see if I could use the gold leaf and resist the urge to buy more product from Michaels. It worked, sort of, especially once I realized I needed to wait for my adhesive to become tacky and no longer wet before applying the leaf.


I knew I could use a gold wire to form my clip, but I wasn’t sure how to attach it to the bunny. Should I use the glued-on bead trick I’ve been using lately? That looked awful, not at all appropriate. Then I looked at my package of wire and it said that it was perfect for wire wrapping. Of course! I could wrap the wire around the bunny like a saddle and secure the wire to the base of the clip with more wrapping of the wire around itself. I recommend you cut one long piece of wire (longer than you thing you’ll need) and start by forming your clip by wrapping one end of the wire around a pencil twice. Then position the clip on the figure and wrap the rest of the wire around the figure three or four times. Secure the wire to the base of the clip with more wrapping. I almost forgot to tell you that I used a 22 gauge gold colored wire from Beadalon called German style wire. Finally, use wire cutters to trim any excess wire. Add photos or cards and enjoy your charming bunnies any time of year.


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