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Saint Valentine Inspired Votive Holder


When I walked into my local Trader Joe’s today I was greeted by this beautiful sight. Festive seasonal displays make me so happy.

But what I really want to tell you about is this jar I found at Whole Foods about a year ago. Not the one pictured below, that’s actually a fresh jar of yogurt that I ate yesterday. But when I first found the jar it was like it was speaking to me. And do you know what it said? It said, “Colleen, why don’t you fill me with wax and make me a necklace?”

So I found that smashing little love charm in a local bead store and some red, waxed cotton to go with it. But I got stuck on the wax part – what kind of wax wouldn’t poison our air? In the old days when we made sand candles and what-not with my mom we never considered things like this, but now, well you know Whole Foods and everything. And then how would I melt the wax without making a mess or having to devote a pan to wax melting? I found some interesting little beeswax pellets online that some people melt in the oven in jars, but when I read the reviews for them I got turned off for one reason or another. There was also the issue of color and scent – to color or not to color, to scent or not to scent – you see what I mean? It got much too complicated.

But when I went to Whole Foods this week I found a beeswax votive and knew I had my answer. There is nothing like the path of least resistance. The sticker on the bottom of the candle does say to use a holder with a 2″ diameter and the jar doesn’t quite measure up, but my plan is to not leave my votive burning unattended, and that’s easy to do if we just light it for dinner time. The jar has such a pretty shape and there are so many things you could do with it really. For other ideas you can click here for a previous post about Turkish tulip glasses. I liked the yogurt too, although I’m not much of a yogurt person. But this one from Traderspoint Creamery comes from grass-fed cows, is whole fat (and I’m a believer in whole fat) and not too sweet.

Another festive floral display at Whole Foods

Another festive floral display at Whole Foods

Now about Saint Valentine. If you are anywhere near Coventry in England on Sunday you could attend a special mass with a relic of a piece of St. Valentine’s finger. Imagine that. You can read about it here. I’ve actually been to Coventry. They have a statue of Lady Godiva there (that’s where her famous horse ride took place) and the fascinating ruins of St. Michael’s Cathedral (bombed during World War II). I was surprised by what a big city Coventry is. What a great place to spend Valentine’s Day, but it does make me wonder – where did the other bits of Saint Valentine end up?


  1. S. Kinard

    I love your gift of “seeing” such beauty in the ordinary. What an adorable candle holder.

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