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Oh That We Could Always See Such Spirit Through The Year

Hello chickens. If I’m counting right today is the sixth day of Christmas. I hope the season has gone well for you and that you’ve gotten in a craft or two to help you celebrate (assuming you’re the kind of person who enjoys that kind of thing). My holiday workshop didn’t include everything on my list, but I got to a few of them and that’s good enough for me. After all, where does it leave you if you are always completing everything on your list? Accomplished and satisfied  – or as someone with nothing more to do?

Styrofoam played a big part in my holiday decorating this year. I’ve already told you about Hildegard’s head of course, but I was very excited to see the pasta trees on the Mod and Mint blog. We didn’t quite finish our trees and I’m not very happy with the paint job I started on one of them (think I’ll go over it with spray paint), but what a magical tree. Well worth the tedium.

I’m so glad I dipped those redwood cones in liquid leaf when I did because they came in very handy. They’re shown above hanging from a short length of silk ribbon on some cardboard tags I found at Michaels. Samantha decorated our Yule log for a special Christmas eve dinner. I found the recipe in one of my very first cookbooks, Sunset’s Easy Basics for Good Cooking. I was glad I did. The recipe was easier than ones I found in newer cookbooks or online. And it was delicious – a cocoa cake flavored with cinnamon and orange zest and rolled with a mini chocolate chip whipped cream filling.

I do enjoy making things this time of year, but it’s the lighting that’s my favorite part of holiday decorating. I’m going to leave these clear C9 bulbs from Orchard Supply Hardware in the fireplace all winter; they’ll do until we decide to upgrade our inefficient old gas log set. Keep enjoying the season (and thanks to my sister for the yarn wire wrapping idea!)


  1. Kathie

    How beautiful! I agree – the lighting is my favorite part of the holiday season, as well. Your home looks especially warm and inviting! The gold-leaf dipped pine cones are so charming, Cait loves hers too, and she is putting them on gold chains for us. Thank you!

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