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My Holiday Workshop: Jingle Bell Doorknob Hanger


This was inspired by a favorite decoration that I bring out every year – a lovely little bell that hangs from a doorknob on a bit of stuffed ribbon. Every time you use the door the bell rings. And bells are so nice to hear at Christmas time.

I didn’t have any real bells (and was not inclined to go looking for them), but I did have a nice collection of little jingle bells that I decided to knit right into a spool knit tube. The way to do that is to thread the bells onto your yarn before you begin knitting. As you need a bell you just pull it forward onto the area of yarn you are working. The bells end up on the inside of your tube. You can pull them through to the front if you like, but I decided I liked the inside of the tube out for this project anyway.

I used an eight-stick loom held together with two rubber bands saved from heads of broccoli. The tube is a little smaller than a toilet paper roll. I can’t remember where it came from, but once you start making your own stick looms you are always on the lookout for nice, sturdy tubes.

I decided to mark one stick and use only that stick for placing my bells every couple of rows. I left long tails (20″ or so) on either end of my knit tube so I could first close the ends with single crochet and then make chains for hanging loops, one on the top for the doorknob and one on the bottom for a larger jingle bell.


Want to give it a try? Take a look at the following posts for more on the how-to of knitting with diy stick looms:

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Here is the inspiration. So pretty, isn’t it? I want to say it came from one of the craft fairs they used to put on at Stanford when I worked there many years ago. I love the maker’s simple little handwritten tag. I wonder where Marian is now? This coming year I will be on the lookout for bells like the ones Marian used. Their sound is so much purer than the jingle bells.


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