My Material Life

My Holiday Workshop: What To Do With Your Styrofoam Head


This is my bride from our Halloween display. She was going to be headless (Headless Hildegard), but once I found her styrofoam head at Jo-Ann’s I changed my mind about that. There was something about this styrofoam head that enchanted me.

Now the other day I was flipping through some magazines at Barnes and Noble and I spied a male styrofoam head in a holiday living room shot that had suckers stuck into it. That head was not at all as enchanting as this one, but it was an odd kind of Christmas (?) display and I liked that, especially knowing that I had my own head in the garage. Not that I’d want to poke anything less delicate than a pin into Hildegard’s head.

So I created a winter headpiece with a small grapevine wreath from Jo-Ann’s, some piney elements from a bunch of Trader Joe’s flowers, holly from my own tree, and a couple of those gilded redwood cones I showed you last week. She looks like some kind of pagan goddess, doesn’t she?

Jo-Ann’s still sells the heads. They even have a brochure to give you ideas for how to design yours (some of them more creepy than the others).

mml styrofoam head brochure


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