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Linen & Lame Pouch

mml linen & lame pouch

We had another wedding to attend yesterday – this time for the older brother of the fellow whose wedding we attended last month. I missed the bride’s shower, so I’d been wanting to make something just for her and thought I’d send it along before the wedding. But you know how it goes. Happily, this is such a quick sewing project that I was able to stitch it together the morning of the wedding. Really, this is a two-hour (or less) sewing project. One of the things I love about making these bags is that you don’t have to press anything after you stitch. At least I never do and nothing seems to suffer.

I’ve been wanting to use this tissue lame from Japan (via Hancock Fabrics) for a while now; it’s so shiny! But I thought I’d bring it down to earth a little with the addition of a hefty linen fabric that I bought at IKEA years ago and continue to find uses for. Linen mixes so well with other fabrics and different colors that you can’t go wrong by adding some to your fabric collection. And good news – on my last visit to IKEA I discovered that they are carrying a similar fabric again. I’ve had that “good luck” flannel that I used to line the bag since the 90s. I used it to make a lingerie bag for my best buddy from high school when she got married. I still love it – the horseshoes and blossoms and colors. It’s so sweet and old-fashioned.

You’ll find the instructions for the bag in a previous post, here. The only thing I did differently for this bag was to cut a 9″ by 5″ linen panel to cover the bottom of the bag. I turned each long edge under 1/4″, centered the piece on the tissue lame, and stitched each edge of the linen to the lame close to the folded linen edge. I didn’t try to wash the lame (it’s dry clean only according to the label), and I don’t recommend pressing it either, as it shrinks and gets distorted from the heat.

Two other things I should tell you about are the zipper and the four-leaf clover charm. I didn’t want to use a polyester zipper for this bag because I couldn’t find a good color to work with the lame. Luckily I found one long metal (gold) zipper set in a neutral-colored tape that fit the bill. With a little project like this, God really is in the details. Metal zippers are a little sharp, but this zipper (both in color and material) really makes the bag work. I debated on whether I needed a charm to attach to the zipper. I would have loved a horseshoe, but I just happened to have another good luck symbol in my jewelry box. It’s from Chloe + Isabel. When I saw how it seemed made for the bag, I was very happy to part with it.

The gift box and ribbon came from Target’s Sugar Paper holiday collection. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? And it even has golden polka dots on the inside.

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