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Easy Embroidery for Wedding Gifting

We were fortunate to attend a picture-perfect wedding on the Central Coast last weekend. A beautiful bride indeed, but it was the groom who wowed me with his style. First, he and his groomsmen arrived by bicycle, then there was that Tommy Bahama suit, and those boutonnieres … I should have gotten a picture of them for you.

Anyway, this couple decided not to set up a gift registry. I think that’s a lot of fun for weddings if not entirely practical – there’s no telling what weird things you’ll get. And how do you choose a gift in this situation? I say choose a gift you’d love for yourself. Why not? You’ve got excellent taste – you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?

My choice for this couple was the Orb ice bucket from Crate and Barrel shown above. It’s even more beautiful in person – warmer in color and the lid gives off a golden glow. I also added four cocktail napkins that I embroidered with the couple’s initials.


Years ago I purchased oodles of white linen and cotton cocktail napkins at an outlet sale. My favorites are the European style cocktail napkins. They’re rectangular and are meant to be folded and that works well with a little embroidery. For this set I used stem stitch with three strands of cotton floss and some metallic embroidery thread. Now I wish I had separated the embroidery thread and used just one strand of it – ah well live and learn. One of my favorite techniques with these napkins is to fill a shape with French knots like the gummi bear and heart below. I used some glass seed beads in the heart knots as well.

I’ve run through the best of these napkins now, so think I will replace my rag-tag remainders with some new ones. These look lovely and the color selection is amazing; these look similar to what I’m working with now and are less expensive than the first option; these are Irish! Linen cocktail napkins are certainly one of my favorite things. A little embroidery makes them even more special and turns them into a very thoughtful gift.


But Halloween is almost here and I have my own wedding to host on the lawn – I mean in the cemetery. A very special ghost and her skeleton fiance will finally be tying the knot after centuries of delay. But more on that later. For now, much to do, much to do!


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