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Stick Loom Knit Eyeglass Case


Have you ever found yourself with a pair of glasses in need of a case? Well here’s a nice little project made with a sixteen-stick spool knitting loom made from an empty roll of duct tape. This works best for a pair that folds relatively flat, like the aviators Samantha got from Target last summer. The yarn is Hoooked Ribbon XL. I love Hoooked Ribbon XL, but it is not an easy material to knit with; it’s not at all springy and can be downright painful when you try to lift your loops up and over the sticks with your fingers. Happily, I figured out something to solve this problem.

That something is a staple remover. Specifically, the Stanley Bostitch push style staple remover. You know how traditional peg looms and spool knitters come with an additional tool to help you maneuver your loops over the pegs? I’ve always loved that you don’t need that tool with a diy stick loom. But most things have their limits. This should be an easy and fun activity. If the material you’re using is too hard to pick up and drop off with your fingers, try the staple remover. It’s almost like it was made for this.


Here is my knit tube with the cast-on edge on top. About seven rows down I knit two rows of orange. Changing colors in spool knitting is just like changing colors in flat knitting – you cut a tail where you leave off with one color and tie it to the tail from your new color. When I saw my finished tube I thought I had a stinker. Nice enough, but not a case. But then I turned my tube inside out and look what happened …


My knit tube became something that actually looked like a case! Gone are the vertical ridges, now the lines are horizontal and those ridges seem to be providing some kind of internal support. And it’s so much neater.


So I wove in my tails on the inside and used the tail left after binding off to stitch the bottom edges of the tube together.

mml eyeglass case

A perfect fit!

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