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Hand Made Modern Embroidery Boxes

Just when I was thinking that the thrill was gone at Target, I happened to find these wood embroidery boxes from the Todd Oldham line, Hand Made Modern.

Have you seen this aisle at Target? There are lots of fun things here. The embroidery boxes come with a needle and instructions for cross stitch monograms. I’m not wild about cross stitch, so I used tent stitch for the green version and a combination of tent and bargello stitch for the pink/taupe box. I used wool for both – a set of greens that I loved from the Hand Made Modern collection (just two of the three ply) and two separate strands of a finer quality wool yarn from my own huge and constantly growing collection.

The bargello stitch idea came from an old Peter Max book on needlepoint that I found in a used bookstore years ago. If you like needlework you have to remember to look for these kinds of books when visiting used book stores. You can find some wonderful ideas in them. A square of felt makes a nice finishing touch for the inside of the box. I think I’ll use the green one in the family room to hold my embroidery scissors and a few other things. I wish they made a bigger version too – then I’d put the remotes in it.

On another note, if you get a chance to see Blythe Danner in I’ll See You In My Dreams make sure to do so. I saw it last week and she was stunning in it. It’s a lovely movie.


    • Bummer! But it looks like they have stock online; they would surely ship to Canada, wouldn’t they? I have a link to the boxes in the post. At the least you can check out the rest of the collection. Thanks for writing!

  1. I’m late to the party & now it looks like they’re completely out of stock of these online & in stores (and I even checked the cities where my mom & sister live!) Jealous of your gorgeous boxes and stitching! I’ll have to look out for something similar and jump on it when I find it!

    • Bummer! I can’t understand why some needlepoint company doesn’t have these in their product line all the time. Kind of like the blank stitch and zips. These are the kinds of things that would get more people stitching (imho!). Good luck with your search; I’d love to know if you find anything πŸ™‚

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