My Material Life

Make A Nifty Little Photo Book

Sometimes when I tell people about the knitting I do with stick looms (toilet paper roll, embroidery hoop, plastic water bottle or otherwise) I can tell they have no idea what I’m talking about. So I thought a little visual aid to keep in my purse might be useful and act as a first step to the book I keep telling myself I’m going to write. Now I could have used the same techniques I used to make Samantha’s When You Were 10 photo book, but I’m on the Photojojo email list and they recently sent a link to a project of theirs that I really wanted to try. They’ve got a nice set of directions for it here. I’ll show you how I put mine together below.


Here are my prints; they are a little larger than the Photojojo example, about 2.5 x 3.75 inches.


I invested in a paper-cutter years ago. It is a very useful possession if you like working with paper. The kraft paper cardstock is from Michaels.

Since most of my photos have no borders I used clear, glossy tape to join my two-photo bundles.

Once I stacked my bundles, I used more clear tape to join them all together. I sandwiched these between the cardstock cover and backing and used a piece of yellow masking tape to join them all together. Then I added another strip of decorative tape I found at Michaels.

I printed the red text block with white text and used a tea light to draw a cutting line. I cut the circle out with tiny scissors and used a glue stick to adhere it to the cover. I don’t know how long the binding will last, but I sure like the look of this little book.

I’ll show you a stitched binding soon – I didn’t take photos of the last one I made, so I’m waiting until I make another one.




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