My Material Life

Enchanted May Day


This was the May Day celebration of my dreams. I still can’t believe the good fortune that allowed Samantha and me to attend. This is put on every year by a local woman in her nineties, a former kindergarten teacher known for her creativity and her close connection with nature. The last time I saw her was maybe six or seven years ago at a town Arbor Day celebration where she read some of her poetry. I’ve often read about the historic property she shares with her family (her husband was a man of many interests). Just to finally get to see it was one thing, but all this – the music, the May Queen, the singing, the theatre, the maypole, the dancing – it exceeded all expectations. I’m so grateful for the beautiful memory it created for us; getting out of bed at the crack of dawn was so worth it.


Awaiting the May Queen


The Queen’s Throne

 Maypole Dancers & Ribbon Weaving

Scenes from the Garden

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