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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Idea #16: Washcloth

This is surprising, isn’t it? The idea that you can create a washcloth from a toilet paper roll, some sticks and some yarn. But if you knit flat pieces on a round loom (more on that here) you can sew them together to create just about anything really – a washcloth, an afghan, a rug.

mml washcloth on tpr knitter

I made the cloth from four 4″ squares that were knit on a toilet paper roll stick loom made with 14 narrow craft sticks. The yarn is an organic cotton from Classic Elite; it was left over from this project (also knit on a stick loom) …


It’s difficult to get an accurate measurement of the length of your knitting when working with a toilet paper roll knitter, so I knit the same number of rows (20 including my cast on and bind off rows) for each square. I made sure to bind off very loosely because the bind off method that I used (from this post) makes for a tighter edge than the cast on edge. To bind off loosely, give yourself extra slack in the loops you wrap around your sticks. If the bind off is too tight, you’ll distort your square.

I left long tails of yarn on each piece once I bound off so I could use them for sewing seams. After I wove in the shorter tails I hand-washed all four pieces and shaped them on a towel to dry. I laid the pieces out in alternating row directions and created two panels of two squares each before I finished the cloth with one long seam down the middle. The kitty soap dish and soap are from Anthropologie.

To learn more about toilet paper roll knitting and see project ideas, please click here.

In other news … I’ve been missing this month (much of it spent in a viral haze) and here it is practically May Day. When I was at my worst I was drafted to make a maypole for a school celebration/fundraiser tomorrow. This made me very happy, but now I’m not so sure. I had planned to thread my ribbons through an eyelet at the top of a tether ball pole I saw at school, but it turns out the tether ball pole I’m to use has no such thing on it. How will I work with this?


If you have any ideas let me know, OK? I’ll report back on May Day fun for sure. I am most excited that I got an invitation to attend a local nonagenarian’s traditional May Day celebration early in the morning. Fingers crossed they actually let me in!

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