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Purrfect Plastic Canvaswork

I’ve often walked by those sheets of plastic mesh in Michaels or JoAnn’s and wondered what on earth people do with them. Then I saw this (below) in the November/December 2014 issue of Marie Claire Idées (it’s French). Did you happen to see it? It was a particularly beautiful issue, but these plastic canvas tags alone made me want to buy it.

mml marie claire tags

They also inspired my purrfect kitty tag (shown on top of post pinned to a stretched piece of linen that I found at Michaels) and column of hearts bookmark. I used a clear piece of 10-count (10 squares per linear inch) plastic canvas with a fine weight cotton yarn from the Lion Brand bonbons sets worked in tent stitch.

mml lion bon-bon

It’s easy to work out your designs using graph paper. I didn’t have any, but I remembered this website recommended by Samantha’s teacher. You can use it to print graph paper to match whatever size mesh you are using. This isn’t critical, but I liked being able to plot my designs in actual size.

These were easy and fun. Well, once I figured out what I wanted to do anyway. Have you ever worked with plastic canvas before?


  1. I certainly have – if you google 1960’s plastic canvas tote – you will find pictures of the tote I made when I was a
    teen – – each square was a fun simple shape – a mushroom, a snail, a leaf – – then you whip stitched them all together and attached handles – I thought it was soooooo cool – Check this one out on ebay –
    Mine was like that but in bright bright colors – deja vu – thank you Colleen

  2. Wow that is pretty darn cool. What a great idea to stitch the squares together – I haven’t seen it worked in that size before. Must add to project list … modern plastic canvas tote. Thanks Sara!

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