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Dream a Little Dream of Rogner Bad Blumau

Until last week my awareness of Austria consisted of things like schnitzel, The Sound of Music, the Wiener Werkstatte, and Spanische Windtorte.  I knew nothing of this. This seems like something out of a dream – a dream about teletubbies or maybe mid-twentieth-century hobbits.


But this place is real. You could even book a stay here. It’s a hotel as well as spa in Austria’s Styria region. Those waters come from thermal springs and the hotel owners claim they feel like “bathing in silk”.


The architect was Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Have you heard of him? Me neither. He was born in Vienna in 1928 and died in 2000. He was not a believer in the straight line, and not surprisingly, some refer to him as Austria’s Gaudi. Isn’t it interesting that there are so few Hundertwassers and Gaudis in the world?

Here are some places where you can eat. I’m crazy about that little bit of greenery peeking out from that paper bag on the table.


And I am in love with this tree. The sparkle from the gold leaf reminds me of the photo above where the building shimmers in the late afternoon/early morning sun. Reflected light can be such a beautiful thing.

I’d be right at home in these interiors. What about you?

All photos from I discovered Rogner Bad Blumau after viewing a Euromaxx episode on a light installation in a park in Germany. When I looked the park up online, I found the most amazing Ronald McDonald house ever, another work of Hundertwasser’s.


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