My Material Life

Notebooks & Sketchbooks & Calendars, Oh My!

I get excited about paper, stationery in particular. And when I say stationery I mean just about anything that I can write or draw on. It’s so fun to pick up new bits of it this time of year.

Do you keep a notebook? I do. I use it to record all kinds of things – shopping lists of various kinds, party or holiday plans, ideas for my blog, worries, notes on household projects. I found the spiral bound book in the upper right at the San Jose Muji store last weekend. This is pretty much my ideal notebook. It’s small enough (about 4.5″ x 6″) to fit in my purse, the spiral binding means it will lie flat, and the plain front allows me to decorate it. Muji even has a stamping station in the store so you can embellish their paper products (after you’ve purchased them, of course). How fun is that? The self-inking stamps work quite well. If you like red and black you’ll be in business. I’m not sure what I was going for with mine, but I do like its strange kind of periodic table vibe.

Here’s a different notebook that I found at Target last week. This is about the same size as the Muji book. It’s not spiral bound, but the paper (and the stripes on the cover) made me fall for it. The paper is called stone paper. It’s made from mineral powder and resin and is both water and tear resistant, as well as recyclable and biodegradable. That sticker on the cover is easily removable, but it did its job because it caused me to take a look at these charming little books from Spain. Once I felt the paper I knew I wanted to use it as a sketch book. My Staedtler pigment liner just glides over it. I like it so much I’ve already bought two more. You can read about the company here.

Here’s a calendar I found at Paper Source during the holidays. I think they call it their diy desk calendar. I didn’t need it when I found it, but I completely fell for the lettering on it and there you go. You could so easily use this as a model for any calendar year.  I was thinking about adding some color to my champagne glass, but then I thought no, wait till February. In case you’re wondering I used a pencil to draw my glass and only went over it in pen when I was happy with the shape.

This is my pièce de résistance – Marimekko’s 2015 wall calendar with illustrations by Sanna Annukka. I found this in my local Marimekko shop in September and as it was my birthday, I requested it as a present. Do you see how the bottoms of the calendar have been folded up and stitched along the sides to form a pocket? This makes me think I need to do some sewing on paper. But the where and the why haven’t come to me yet.

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