My Material Life

New Year, New Holiday Memories

Can it really be January 2 already? Do you find this time of year bittersweet? I do. The holiday season drawing to a close, the sense of time passing, saying good-bye to family to return to school or work or whatever you do the rest of the year, taking down the tree. But I am grateful for an exceptional holiday season that began with Thanksgiving at my sister’s house, included a Christmas trip to LA to visit with some of my husband’s side of the family, and ended with a visit from my sister and brother-in-law to ring in the new year.

The photo gallery above shows a few ways we celebrated this week. The cookie in the center is a Swedish rosette. I inherited my mother’s iron molds for these, so I thought they’d be fun to make with my sister here. I took a photo of the urn with succulents during a walk we took on the grounds of Villa Montalvo yesterday. Some day I’ll get around to potting and/or planting the plants I keep collecting. Perhaps this will inspire me to do it sooner rather than later?

I hope you were able to make some good memories this holiday season. Here are some of the things that made an impression on me …

mml opera house

The spectacular beauty of a San Francisco Ballet performance of The Nutcracker on Christmas eve

mml xmas dinner tableThe elegance of my sister-in-law’s table set for Christmas dinner in her dining room/design studio/art gallery

mml wayfarer view

The sparkle of late December sunshine on the blue Pacific

mood xmas window

The way the red curb and the weeds growing out of it add to this window display at Mood Designer Fabrics in LA

mml xmas market tower

A clock tower all decked out for the holidays

mml kitty face

The comforts of home

May you have and enjoy the freedom to live your life as you desire in the coming year.



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