My Material Life

More Paper Fun for Christmas

I painted them, papered them, and beaded them, but this star is my favorite and my best.

These are more paper mache items from Michaels. I decorated the star in the same way I decorated the Easter egg you can see here. You don’t have to use a foreign language magazine for your decoupage, but I sure love the results I get from the Chinese magazine I keep cutting into.

I used the same hemp cord shown in that decoupage egg post for the paper cone mobile below. This is an idea I got from an Anthropologie display a few years back. I like to visit just to see what they are up to, especially during the holidays. I went so far as to order a sleeve of 200 Solo paper cones from Staples when I saw these hanging in the store, but I only just got around to glittering them and hanging them from my favorite mobile with some more ornaments from Target and a couple of beaded snowflakes that I made last year.

mml paper cone mobile

I feel like a real elf this time of year. Always something that I’m working on right up to Christmas. I guess that’s one way of celebrating the season. I hope you’ve been getting in enough of whatever it is that makes the holidays meaningful for you.

mml glittered paper cones


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