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Dressing a Boxwood Wreath, No Bow Required!

Not that I’ve got anything against bows! Especially this time of year. But when you’ve got golden washi tape feathers, brilliant white spider mums and pretty pink pepper tree berries, a bow would just be gilding the lily.

This is a boxwood wreath that I picked up at Trader Joe’s earlier this month. I like to get these some years because they keep their good looks for a nice long time. The spider mums and pepper tree berries were on sale at Whole Foods. I’ve been thinking about decorating the wreath with the pepper tree berries and golden feathers for a little while now, but the spider mum inspiration just hit. Luckily I found a couple of those little plastic tubes you can fill with water and slip your flower stem into in my garage this morning. I love the white spider mums this time of year. They last a long time and look so good with just about any green and berry combination you might have access to. We have a holly tree, so I usually mix them with cuttings. Such a pretty combination, so Christmassy.

I found the washi tape feather idea in a library book. They were made up in bright colors for a mobile. These washi feathers reach a new level of elegance in gold tape from Paper Source. They are super easy to make. What you do is draw a feather shape on a plain piece of white copy paper. Better make it dark enough to see on the other side of the paper. Next you’ll tape over your feather shape with strips of washi lined up right next to each other. You’ll need to turn your paper over to see the shape you originally drew and cut your feather out on that line. Draw a line down the middle (lengthwise) on the back of the feather to give you a guideline for cutting. Make diagonal cuts toward this line along each side of your feather. Congratulations, you just made a faux feather.

Just stick it all into your wreath; gluing the feathers in place is optional. The pepper tree berries look nice as they dry, so no need for them to have water like the spider mums.


mml boxwood wreath detail

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