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Crochet a Mini Baby Basket

There are two things I remember about the fifth grade:  the stuff they taught us about our bodies (which I learned from my friend Jacquie G. first) and that I still liked to play with dolls. This last fact, however, was a secret kept between me and my friend Suzanne G., who also still liked to play with dolls. Now I’m not ashamed to tell the world that I still like to play with dolls (or maybe I just want to make things to make them more comfortable).

I’m very fond of these mini dolls by Toysmith. The one on the right (below) is part of Samantha’s collection. The one on the left is a recent purchase for a gift. I love how Samantha’s is dressed in knits. When Samantha was a baby I couldn’t understand how some of the moms would dress their infants in denim jackets and other wovens. Babies just belong in knits, don’t you agree? I mean which of these babies looks more comfortable? I rest my case.

mml mini babies

Here’s the first mini baby basket I made for my niece’s two-year-old …


I brought this to her at Thanksgiving and I think it was a hit. She is such an adorable baby. And yes, I still think two-year-olds are babies. At least when they start out. By the end of two, not so much. I made Henri for this little gal … and this … and this. I could make things for Ava all day long.

Do you have a little person in your life who might like a mini Moses-style basket for their mini baby doll? It’s so easy to make. I made Ava’s on the drive to my sister’s house. And the taupey/grey with pink stripe one I made just last Saturday morning for my godsister’s three-year-old. This one is a very late newborn gift. Better late than never, right?

mml crochet oval

I used Hoooked Ribbon XL as the main material for my baskets. If you can’t find it in a local shop you can order it from Nordic Mart here. For the stripe I used three strands of Sugar ‘n Cream for the orange basket and a pink 50/50 American Apparel T-shirt for the taupey/grey basket. I purchased the Addi size M crochet hook as a New Year’s gift for myself last year. Can you remember Ethel Merman singing that song from Gypsy – some people can get a thrill knitting sweaters and sitting still? Well that’s me. I celebrate New Year’s with a sparkly crochet hook.

Your first step is to crochet a nice oval like you see above. You’ll need to determine the size of the oval you want to crochet first. I found a formula that says to begin by crocheting a chain that equals the length of your desired oval minus the width of your desired oval. For me that was three inches. To create your oval, you’ll single crochet along each side of your chain and increase three stitches at each end of your chain (this is where the rounding of your oval takes shape) for each round until you reach the desired size. I used the directions here* to create the orange oval and the directions from my Crochet Answer Book to create the grey oval you can see above. Both worked well. Crochet is very forgiving. As your oval grows, you’ll space out your increases.

When you reach your desired oval size, you create the sides of your basket by crocheting the next round into the back only of each chain making up the previous round. It’s like magic really. I knit the next round (into both front and back of the chain again) using my contrasting material followed by another round in my main material. For the next round I determined equal points on each side of my basket to break off and create a chain to create the baskets’ handles. At the end of each handle, I crocheted back into the previous round. To finish the basket, I slip-stitched a round moving in the opposite direction. Then I wove in my ends and knit a blanket for each baby and sewed their little pillows. I think they’re comfortable now.

* Just be sure you are actually increasing by three at each round because I believe these directions show only two increases.

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