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Cheap Thrills, Holiday Style

I know that the Christmas push seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but I do love to get to Target right after Halloween to see what they have for the upcoming holiday season. It’s one of my own little personal and private traditions. And this year was no disappointment.

Everything you see here comes from China via Target with the exception of those colorful wooden ornament baubles that come from China via The Container Store. I wonder what the people who make these things think about our penchant for all this stuff. Let’s start with the nutcrackers, shall we?

mml nutcracker box

You know I usually prefer my nutcrackers from China to come unfinished, but something about these fellows won my heart. They are 8″ tall and stand on a base that is about 2″ square. I even like their very inexpensive boxes; there’s something nostalgic about them. They sell for $3 each. I found them not in the holiday section, but in what used to be the $1 section toward the front of the store.

The snow globe with the deer is really, really beautiful and really, really dangerous. I bought another globe like this a couple of years ago, but didn’t read the warning on the bottom apparently.


I had mine in a very sunny room and by some miracle, happened to be sitting right in front of it when I smelled smoked salmon and turned around to find it burning a hole in a wooden basket it was sitting next to. This new one will go in a dark spot where no sunlight will touch it. Do be extra careful with your snow globes and other similar glass and crystal decorations please. The globe cost $14.99 by the way.

Let’s see, what next. Oh yes, the cards. My goodness the cards have gotten so much better! And here I usually like to make my own, but who doesn’t love a polar bear in a sweater? This card has everything I like in a Christmas card except the glitter. These are $7 for 16 cards. Then there are the paper cocktail napkins which are one of my favorite things in the world. Love the colors, love the design – $3 for the package.

And the wise men, oh the wise men! They may be my favorites. Look at them with their crowns and their frankincense and myrrh and what is it, gold? I’m crazy about those guys. $3 for the set of 3. Then there are the angels. The angels make me happy in a real Mary Blair/Alexander Girard kind of way. I couldn’t pass them up. These were $3 each.

Lastly, we have the wooden baubles from The Container Store. These are about 1.25″ in diameter and are very attractively packaged in a set of 24 for $11.99. You could hang them on one of those laser cut trees or use them to decorate a package or whatever. Are you visiting friends or family this Thanksgiving? All of these things would make nice, inexpensive gifts to bring that day. In fact, something else I saw at Target has inspired a project I’ll show you here soon that would make a lovely handmade gift to bring your host on Thanksgiving and they are not Christmas-specific.

Enjoy making your own discoveries, and don’t worry – there’s still lots of time before the holidays.


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