My Material Life

Headless Hildegard

mml headless hilda

This is another project from the brilliant A Fantasy of Pumpkins spread in the September/October 2008 issue of Hallmark Magazine – published shortly before the magazine went under. The magazine article didn’t include the instructions for the torso, but I used their photo as a model for creating my own waterproof version that would work with our ghostie ring that you can see below in a picture from 2011. That was the first year they appeared on our lawn; they’ve continued to show up every Halloween night since.

mml ghostie ring

I used an extra torso form from an IKEA clothes stand for the base of Hildegard. I stuffed it with plastic bags, covered it with a white child’s turtleneck from Target, and then went to town with plastic sheeting (same roll used to create the ghosts) and duct tape to make it waterproof. Then I used the same materials to create Hildegard’s clothes.

Here’s what I ended up with:

mml headless hilda complete

It wasn’t difficult to create pin tucks with duct tape and pleats with the plastic.

The hands are rubber gloves stuffed with rice. And good news – Hallmark has published the instructions for the torso online. They used a pillow for the base and shaped it with tape. I guess I could have used a large, stuffed plastic bag. Anyway, this gives me ideas. Next year, Hildegard goes full size … and gets married!

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