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Quick & Dirty Bat Wing Tee

mml batwing tmml bat wing t

Now this is the kind of thing I like to wear for Halloween. It’s not a costume, but it has the right kind of Halloween flair in a garment that’s super cute, super comfy and even slimming! It’s really quick to put together too. No machine sewing, but you’ll need about an hour of TV or more for the hand sewing you’ll use to attach the wings to your T-shirt. Also a store-bought long-sleeve T-shirt (mine is a v-neck Mossimo from Target) and 1/2 (just enough) – 2/3 of a yard of knit jersey fabric. I love the cuffs on this tee.

mml mossimo t

Lay your fabric with the selvedge edges together at the top and the fold at the bottom. Place your T-shirt on your fabric as shown in the photo below (different shirt shown) and use a fabric marker to draw four curves between the end of your sleeve and the bottom of the shirt. Also draw lines along the sleeve bottom and shirt side.

mml chalk batwing

Cut through both layers of fabric along your drawn lines. Then pin each wing to each T-shirt side as shown below along the sleeve and side seams.


Whip stitch each wing to the T-shirt along the pinned edge.


Done! Happy Halloween 🙂


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