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Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Idea #12: Leg Warmers for Your Doll


Aliana started ballet class today. She was a little nervous about it.

mml aliana stretch

But her teacher was impressed with her flexibility …

mml aliana barre

and her form. The teacher did, however, tell Aliana that she needs to point her toes. And that though her outfit was very cute, she’ll need to wear the proper attire for her class level – pink tights, pink leotard, pink slippers, and no leg warmers. Aliana wasn’t happy about this. Let’s hope she can find another studio without a dress code or just get over it. The benefits of ballet training are so worth it.


I wanted to show you these leg warmers this week in honor of Project Runway’s American Girl challenge. Did you see it last night? Well, don’t tell me about it because I haven’t seen it – going to watch it tonight.


These leg warmers were made with the same spool knitter I used to make the striped pole slipcover. The beauty of using two yarns in alternating single rows is that you don’t have to cut and tie your yarns each time you change colors – you just keep going and alternate yarns after you complete each round. I used the same bind-off method I describe here. The purple yarn was dyed with Kool-Aid. I love the earthiness of that purple; it’s not what you’d expect from Kool-Aid. The brown wool is by Dale of Norway.  It’s not the same weight as the purple, so I used two strands.

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