My Material Life

10 Fun Reasons to Have a Garage Sale

mml chalk rug

1.  You can embellish your driveway with a chalk rug, complete with fringe.

mml driveway sale sign

2.  You get to call it whatever you like.

mml sale banner

3.  Another excuse to make a new bunting – yay!

mml snakey-snake

4.  Your family’s beloved old toys can get a new lease on life without having to travel far – maybe just across the street.

5.  You may get a new appreciation for a few awesome items that you can’t believe nobody wanted or that you realize you should never have put on sale anyway when you are unwilling to bargain over them.

6.  Did I mention that you get to write whatever you want on the price tags?  You can make your own with a paper-cutter and a hole punch plus some colorful string or just use colored masking tape.

mml ball pillow

7.  You can sell something you made years ago as more of an experiment or just give it away when one of your customers (who is buying other things anyway) gushes over it.  Because giving feels good.

mml money

8.  But so does the money, honey.


9.  Playing shopkeeper is so much fun.


10.  You’ll be so happy when it’s over.  Getting ready was a huge effort, but worth it!


  1. Hi Colleen! What a fun post! … filled with personality and good reasons to have a Garage Sale taboot. You’re my kind of blogger! I can’t wait to find out what else you have in store, but first I’m sharing this on SM everywhere 🙂
    Best wishes,
    Kristi Kirk Trent, Oklahoma City

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