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Just Add Butterflies

It is only mid-August, but already school has sprung where we live.  I have mixed feelings about school beginning in August.  Summer seems left behind too early and yet the freedom of it … for parents anyway.

I love to help Samantha trick out her new school accessories.  When she picked out this pencil box at Target I knew I had the perfect embellishment for it:  my Slätthult butterfly stickers (made in France!) that I picked up at IKEA a couple of years ago.  Now you might be saying, butterfly stickers?  You don’t post anything for weeks and now all you can come up with is some stinkin’ butterfly stickers?  Or maybe that’s not you, maybe that’s the voice inside my head.  But yes, I do think beautiful butterfly stickers are essential.  And what’s more, I think this man in the bathtub would agree with me.

Source: Architectural Digest

Source: Architectural Digest

Or at least he might agree if he were still alive.  This is Piero Fornasetti.  I’m guessing you may know him from this image:

Source: Wolf & Badger

Source: Wolf & Badger

I don’t know which magazine I clipped the following pages from a few years ago, but do you see the butterfly desk?  Apparently it is a Gio Ponti piece decorated by Piero Fornasetti.  I dream of a desk or a vanity of my very own like this – glossy black with beautiful, colorful butterflies.  So uplifting, so magical.

Or what about butterflies stewn across an entire room?


Source: eCognoscente

Do you see the possibilities of the humble butterfly sticker now?


Source: lulu dk

Sadly, the butterfly stickers I purchased are no longer offered in IKEA’s Slätthult collection, but look at these beautiful painterly decals from Lulu dk.  I think I may have to add them to my collection.  Where would you use them?

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