My Material Life

A Sack of Paper Flowers

It’s May Day again already.  I hope you celebrate with some pretty flowers today – real or otherwise.  I’m going to hang these paper ones on my neighbor’s door in a little bit.  I bought myself another paper flower making book last week, so I knew I’d use paper instead of real flowers for their door this year.  I just didn’t know what I’d put them in until I brought the paper produce bag in the photo above home from Whole Foods.  My neighbors have one of those levers on their door, so this will slip over it perfectly.


That’s pretty paper, isn’t it?  I found it at Vintages in Los Gatos.  It’s from Taiwan and sold as a paper garland.  The color is so lovely; I knew I’d want to make paper flowers with it.  I used it for two poppies from Livia Cetti’s book, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers.  The blue and white flowers are what Cetti calls filler fluff.  They have no centers and are made with tissue paper and she uses them for filler, but they are probably one of my favorite things in the book.  Lots of her flowers are made with tissue paper; I love the begonias on the cover – tissue paper again, although she does paint the tissue paper and dip it in bleach and things like that.  I wonder if I can make a decent begonia with my paper garland?

IMG_3814b Click here for a little tour of Cetti’s studio on Design Sponge.  I see she has a black cat, so she has good taste in animals as well.  Happy May Day!



  1. Jo Ann

    Happy May Day to you too. I love the flowers (colors are scrumptious) and the bag is a very clever ideas….lucky neighbors!

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