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Macy’s Flower Show & Other Interesting Things Around Union Square


Have you ever been to a Macy’s Flower Show?  I’ve always been curious about it myself, so we made a trip to Union Square in San Francisco yesterday to see it before it closes (today).  The displays are located above the merchandise as you can see in the top photo.  That’s a tour group going through the “Rooftop Gardens” – there were a few different themed gardens placed on the main floor like this and three special displays in the tabletop section.  And of course the spectacular mannequin in red.  But what really wowed me was the women’s bathroom that Samantha found on the 6th floor.

There is a modern one adjacent to it, so she wasn’t sure what this room was.  Definitely worth seeking out – marble stalls with full length doors and everything.  I had no idea it was there.  You can learn more about its history here.

My favorite place in the Union Square area is Britex.

Britex can be a little overwhelming on your first visit.  It’s not a wide space, but it is long – all four stories of it!  Most of the yardage is on the first two floors, notions are on the third and remnants are on the fourth.  You don’t have to know where to look for what you need; Britex has lots of friendly staff who can point you in the right direction and help you select your fabric.  They’ll take it down for you and get you all fixed up.  You certainly don’t have to be some kind of sewing expert to shop there.  There’s really no other place like it.

The main entrance for Britex is on Geary (shown above), but if you exit through the other side you’ll find yourself on Maiden Lane, right in front of the Xanadu Gallery.

Can you guess who designed this building?  Frank Lloyd Wright designed it for the V.C. Morris Gift Shop in the 1940s.  It’s a gallery now, so you’re welcome to go inside and have a look.  The ramp, the ceiling, the built-ins – very cool.  Just don’t try running down the ramp or you’ll hear from the security guard at the door.  Read more about it here.

Well, if you are into needlepoint there is a needlepoint shop right off the square too.  You enter the building on Post Street and take the elevator up to the third floor which opens right into the beautiful shop.  There is a table in front of a window looking right out onto the square.  A bottle of wine on the table made it look like a very inviting place to sit and stitch.  It was after noon after all, but really a better day to be outside.


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